Use the following as a guide for your script. Print the page and work directly on it OR write on a separate sheet and modify the wording and format as necessary.

Use the documents and the "Daughters of Free Men" Viewer's Guide (http://www.ashp.cuny.edu/video/d-guide.html) or video to decide who your guests will be and what viewpoints they will represent.


Introduction by moderator or host: Good morning / afternoon/ evening. Americans recently have been very concerned about disturbances at the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts. I'm _____________ and you're watching _________________.Today/tonight we'll be talking about _______________.

To better understand these events, we'll talk with ____________________, who is___________; as well as______________________, who_______________________. Finally, for a perspective from a _____________________, we'll also have_______________________on our show.

We're going to start with _______________. Mr/Mrs.__________________, tell us __________.

1st Guest: Well, ________________________________________________________.

Host's response: Let's go to ________________________________for a response. Mr/Mrs._________________, what do you think of ____________'s comment?

2nd guest: Well, ____________________________________________________

1st Guest response to 2nd guest: _______________________________________

Continue in talk show/round table discussion format, involving all guests in a dialogue/debate that shows different sides of the issues involved:


Concluding Statement by host: ____________________________________________.


This talk show script template was developed and written by Joel Ortiz, San Diego State University.