To get to know my students better and (hopefully) to make the class more personal for them as well, I incorporate what I call Seminar Days. What I try to do with my Seminar Days is to allow students some choice in going over class material a little differently. I have four Seminar Days each semester- one at the end of each unit-and allow my students to pick one Seminar Day that they will attend. In essence, each Seminar Day has one-fourth of the class present. On these days, the class starts with a one-minute introduction by each student in which they explain their interests, family, hobbies, goals, or anything they choose to talk about. The rest of each Seminar Day consists of three different assignments, ranging from a short multiple choice and true-false quiz from material over the unit we just covered, a word game similar to Wheel of Fortune or Hangman based on major words and ideas and phrases from the unit which are scored in groups, and response questions (also in groups) based on the major themes and ideas of the unit. Students have provided very positive feedback to these days, saying they allow them to feel more comfortable and to get to know each other better and that because the class is broken up so the material is not just lecture or discussion that the semester seems to have a better flow to it. All the students seem to have a good time on these days which is always encouraging as a teacher.