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Date:         Sun, 2 Dec 2001 15:40:41 -0500
Reply-To:     Forum on Asian American History
Sender:       Forum on Asian American History
From:         Scott Jaschik 
Subject:      online discussion on Asian American history
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The Chronicle of Higher Education is sponsoring a live, online
discussion with Roger Daniels, the author of numerous books
and articles on Asian American history, about the evolution
of the field, on Wednesday, December 5, at noon, U.S.
Eastern time. Mr. Daniels is the author of an essay in the new
issue of The Chronicle that examines the field. "Only recently
have historians begun to see Asian Americans as subjects,
rather than objects, of history," he writes in the piece.

The Chronicle invites members of this list to read the essay,
to join the discussion with Mr. Daniels, and to submit questions
or comments for him (advance questions are encouraged and
may be posted now) at:


A transcript of the discussion will be posted at that address after
the chat is over.

Scott Jaschik
The Chronicle of Higher Education