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Date:         Fri, 5 Nov 1999 17:29:31 -0500
Reply-To:     Forum on Women's History
Sender:       Forum on Women's History
From:         Steve O'Keefe 
Subject:      Excerpt: Female Executives at Microsoft
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I have permission from Wiley and Sons, Inc. to distribute an excerpt from
the new book "Microsoft First Generation" by Cheryl Tsang. The excerpt
deals with an aspect of Microsoft rarely seen - the women who work at
Microsoft. Ida Cole was the first female senior executive, breaking new
ground for women in the
technology industry, and her anecdotes of the triumphs and tensions with
the company show the struggle to break new ground for women in the
technology industry.

Tsang, an award-winning business journalist and fiction author, has
interviewed twelve Microsoft executives in an attempt to get the complete
history of Microsoft, not just the Bill Gates version.

To get the excerpt from "Microsoft First Generation," simply send
mailto:excerpt@tenagra.com with the subject line, "Send Microsoft" and I
will reply with a text file.

Steve O'Keefe