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Barnum’s American Museum

From 1842 until its destruction in 1865, P. T. Barnum’s American Museum was one of New York City’s - and the nation’s - major attractions and helped define popular culture in the antebellum period. Contained within the museum’s five stories was a cornucopia of exhibitions offering visitors, in no particular order, information and entertainment, scientific knowledge and trumped-up fantasy, and moral lessons and cruel voyeurism. This puzzle presents examples of objects displayed asks which was not on exhibit at some time in Barnum’s American Museum.


Which one of these items was NOT on exhibit at some time in Barnum’s American Museum?

1. A portrait of Daniel Boone
2. A wax figure of Jesus Christ
3. A glass steam engine
4. The fattest baby in New York
5. The “Feejee Mermaid”
6. Lincoln’s bloodied suit
7. A living whale
8. A dead whale
9. The “Giantess”
10.A letter by George Washingon


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