Who's On Third?
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Who’s On Third?

While the Democratic and Republican parties seem to be the undisputed powerhouses of the American political system, in fact alternatives to these two major political parties have emerged in many presidential elections throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This puzzle, which asks you to match the third party candidate with the party he (or it!) represented, can be a fun starting point for further exploration of third parties in American political history.

Match the Third Party Candidate with His Party
The Candidates
1. Eugene Debs
2. George Wallace
3. Henry Wallace
4. Martin Van Buren
5. Peter Cooper
6. Theodore Roosevelt
7. Pigasus
A. Socialist Party

B. Greenback Party

C. Progressive Party

D. Free Soil Party

E. Youth International Party

F. Progressive (Bull Moose) Party

G. American Independent Party

H. Peace and Freedom Party

I. America First Party

J. Union Labor Party

K. Anti-Masonic Party

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