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Coles, Robert. Doing Documentary Work. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.
Reflective essays on the ethics and dilemmas of documenting other people's lives.

Dunaway, David K. and Willa K. Baum, eds. Oral History: An Interdisciplinary Reader, 2nd ed. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publishers, 1996.
An anthology of important early articles that attempted to deepen understanding of both interviewing methodology and the interpretive complexity of oral narratives.

Frisch, Michael. A Shared Authority: Essays on the Craft and Meaning of Oral and Public History. Albany: SUNY Press, 1991.
A collection of Frisch's previously published essays; a singularly thoughtful effort to understand the relationship between the practice of oral history and the politics of public memory.

Gluck, Sherna and Daphne Patai, eds. Women's Words: The Feminist Practice of Oral History. New York: Praeger, 1991.
Important, albeit uneven, efforts to link oral history to the theory and practice of feminism and feminist studies.

Grele, Ronald. Envelopes of Sound: The Art of Oral History, 2nd ed. New York: Praeger, 1991.
Theoretically informed essays on, among other things, oral history interviews as expressions of ideology and consciousness.

__________. "On Using Oral History Collections: An Introduction." Journal of American History 74:2 (September 1987): 570-578.
A good discussion of the strengths and limits of oral history as a historical source.

Hardy III, Charles and Alessandro Portelli. "I Can Almost See the Lights of Home--A Field Trip to Harlan County, Kentucky." The Journal of Multimedia History 2 (1999).
A successful effort at "aural history" that integrates oral history interviews, written transcripts, and oral and written commentary by the authors into a coherent essay; available only online at http://www.albany.edu/history_journals/jmmh.

Jackson, Bruce. Fieldwork. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1987.
Interviewing methodology from a folklore perspective; especially good on technical matters.

Jeffrey, Jaclyn and Glenace Edwall, eds. Memory and History: Essays on Recalling and Interpreting Experience. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1991.
Proceedings from a 1988 conference sponsored by Baylor University's Institute for Oral History, bringing together oral historians and cognitive psychologists to examine both individual and collective memory.

Journal of American History.
Since 1987, the September issue of the journal has included a section of essays on oral history; typically, each essay identifies ways oral history interviews can enrich historical study of a given topic (e.g. the civil rights movement, education, farm women, etc.) and identifies important extant collections related to that topic.

Oral History Review. The journal of the Oral History Association, published annually from 1973 to 1987 and biannually since then.
Includes articles, interviews, review essays, and book and media reviews related to the practice of oral history in a variety of settings and the use and interpretation of interviews for a variety of scholarly and public purposes.

Perks, Robert, and Alistair Thomson. The Oral History Reader. New York: Routledge, 1998.
The single best anthology of previously published work on the more theoretical aspects of oral history; includes a good international range of materials.

Portelli, Alessandro. The Battle of Valle Giulia: Oral History and the Art of Dialogue. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1997.
Elegantly written essays on the interview exchange or dialogue, with case studies focusing on interviews about war and about political movements.

__________. The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories: Form and Meaning In Oral History. Albany: SUNY Press, 1991.
Insightful, elegantly written analyses of oral narratives by a literary scholar with a deep understanding of the politics of history and historical practice; "The Death of Luigi Trastulli" is arguably the most cited essay about oral history narratives.

Ritchie, Donald A. Doing Oral History. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1995.
A practical guide to doing oral history, covering a range of topics in question-and-answer format.

Thompson, Paul. The Voice of the Past: Oral History, 2nd ed. New York: Oxford Press, 1988.
At once a handbook on program development and interview methodology and an astute discussion of the politics of historical inquiry and the nature of historical evidence.

Yow, Valerie Raleigh. Recording Oral History: A Practical Guide for Social Scientists. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1994.
A solid discussion of project planning, interview methodology, and the use and interpretation of oral history materials.