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Hans Bergmann is Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Quinnipiac University. He was for many years Professor of English at George Mason University, serving there as Chair of the Department of English, Dean for Academic Programs, and Director of the New Media Group in English. He is a scholar and teacher of nineteenth-century American literature and culture, author of articles on Herman Melville and on New York. His book, God in the Street: New York Writing from the Penny Press to Melville, is one product of that work. He is now working on Henry Thoreau and lichens.


What do you find interesting in “Bartleby” and in this particular excerpt?

How do you read a document like “Bartleby”?

What advice would you give to someone reading this kind of document for the first time?

How would you move beyond this story, place it in a larger context?

What tips do you have for teaching literature?

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