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  What interests you in these documents?

How do you read letters?

What advice would you give to a student reading these letters?

How would you move beyond the letters to place them in a larger context?

Teresa Anne Murphy's primary interest is US cultural history, with a particular focus on the late 18th and the 19th century. Important related interests are women's history and social history. These interests not only animate her teaching and research, but her activities in public history as well. During the past couple of years, she has consulted for both the National Park Service and the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian. She also maintains a broad interest in the field of American Studies as Associate Editor of American Quarterly. Murphy's publications include "Interpreting Slavery in the National Parks," with Michele Gates-Moresi and Marguerite Rodney; "The Petitioning of Artisans and Operatives," in American Artisans: Explorations; Ten Hours Labor: Religion, Reform and Gender in Early New England; and Women and Historical Imagination in the Early Republic (forthcoming).
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