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History 214--U.S. History to 1865

Shawnee Community College, Fall 2001


Extra Credit Guidelines


There are different ways to earn extra credit for this class, which should make it fairly easy for you to improve your grade.

1. At some point during the semester, I will hand out a collection of pictures relating to our class. For each picture that you can correctly identify and write one sentence about, you will receive one point of extra credit. For the one sentence that you write about it, you must give some fact that makes whatever is in the picture noteworthy or important. There will be about thirteen pictures relating to this class, which means that you can earn as many as thirteen points for identifying pictures.

2. A second way to gain extra credit points is to complete a two-three page written summary of an article or source that you find in Shawnee's library which relates to a unit we are covering in some way. In this summary, you must, of course, summarize the article but you also need to say how in ties in to a class unit and give your appraisal/opinion of the article. You can do as many as four of these (each are worth 5 points) but can do no more than two per unit. Each summary is due at the end of the unit it relates to. If you have any questions about if a particular article can be used, make sure to ask me. I also have several articles that I can suggest for you to use.

3. Another way to earn extra credit will from the Jeopardy! review sessions we hold in class. We will play Jeopardy! twice during the semester as a class and both times each team will earn some points, depending on how well they do.

4. The final way to earn extra credit will be from the PreTest given to you the second day of class. Whatever points you earn from the PreTest will count as extra credit and you will have the option to improve on this score by taking the PreTest as a PostTest at the end of class. However, it will be up to you to tell me that you want to take the PreTest again during finals week if you would like to exercise this option for extra credit. You can earn as many as 25 points of extra credit during the course of the semester.