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History 214--U.S. History to 1865

Shawnee Community College, Fall 2001


Journal Guidelines


For your class journal, you should do the following:

  • Keep a spiral-bound notebook throughout the semester
  • When something you read seems to "speak" to you, write down how you feel you relate to what you are reading in your notebook
  • While explaining how you relate or respond to the reading, also make sure to summarize what the author is writing
  • For each unit, you need to produce at least one full written page of writing on each assigned reading
  • Be aware that I am the judge of what a full written page is, so that if you have any questions let me know
  • For each entry, clearly mark the title, author, and date (if known) of the writing
  • Your journal will be collected once -- at the end of the semester during finals, but will be checked at both our midterm conference and finals conference to make sure that you are keeping up with writing about the assigned readings