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History 214--U.S. History to 1865

Shawnee Community College, Fall 2001

Course Schedule

Mon, 14th Intro to Class, Syllabus
Wed, 16th Pretest, Use WebBoard
Fri, 18th WebBoard Day (Practice)

***Unit One, "Colonial and Revolutionary America"***

Mon, 21st NO SCHOOL: MLK Jr.'s Birthday
Wed, 23rd Dependence on Europe: Exploration, Politics, and Scientific Revolution
Fri, 25th Group Work: Comparison of Hobbes' Leviathan, Locke's Two Treatises of Civil Government, and Bousset's "Politics and Scripture"
Mon, 28th Religious Concerns: Salem Witchcraft Trials, "Great Awakening," Deism
Wed, 30th Reading/Discussion Day: Jonathan Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," Mary Easty, "Petition of an Accused Witch," and John Adams, "Natural Rights of Colonists"
Fri, 1st Colonial Politics and Development, French and Indian War
Mon, 4th

American Settlement: Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Constitutional Convention

Wed, 6th

Reading/Discussion Day: Thomas Paine, "Common Sense," and John Adams, "What do We Mean by the American Revolution?' Group Work: Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Statute of Religious Freedom

Fri, 8th Seminar Day #1
Mon, 11th WebBoard Day

***Unit Two, "Farmer's Republic to Industrialized Nation"***

Wed, 13th Thomas Jefferson's "Farmer's Republic": Revolution of 1800
Fri, 15th

Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828: "Jacksonian Democracy"

Mon, 18th

Reading/Discussion Day: Jefferson and Adams, "Letters on Aristocracy" and Jackson, "The Majority is to Govern"

Wed, 20th Textbook Exercise (Court Cases Work)
Fri, 22nd Transportation and Urban Revolution: "Farmer's Republic" vs. "Industrialized Nation"
Mon, 25th Reform Movements
Wed, 27th Reading/Discussion Day: Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America --Textbook Exercise, Units 1 and 2 due --Give out Writing Project #1, Set Conference Times
Fri, 1st WebBoard Day
Mon, 4th Seminar Day #2
Wed, 6th Jeopardy! (Review)
Fri, 8th MidTerm: Timeline, ID, Quotes (Units 1 and 2)
Mon, 18th CONFERENCES (MidTerm, Journal Progress, Writing Project #1)
Wed, 20th CONFERENCES (MidTerm, Journal Progress, Writing Project #1)
Fri, 22nd CONFERENCES (MidTerm, Journal Progress, Writing Project #1)

***Unit Three, "Towards a Great Nation?--Political Statements and Westward Settlement"***

Mon, 25th

Westward Settlement and Frederick Jackson Turner's "Frontier Thesis" --Writing Project #1 Due

Wed, 27th Political Statements and Wars: Nationalism or Imperialism?
Fri, 29th NO SCHOOL
Mon, 1st

Reading/Discussion Day: Washington's "Farewell Address," the Monroe Doctrine, and "The Great Nation of Futurity"

Wed, 3rd

The 1840s: "Manifest Destiny," "Oregon Fever," Mormon Exodus, and the California Gold Rush

Fri, 5th Romanticism and the Romantic Movement
Mon, 8th Indian Concerns and Indian Problems
Wed, 10th

Reading/Discussion Day: Henry David Thoreau, Walden, JacksonŐs "First Annual Message to Congress," and Memorial of the Cherokee Nation

Fri, 12th WebBoard Day
Mon, 15th Seminar Day #3

***Unit Four, "Sectionalism and the Civil War"***

Wed, 17th

Sectional Differences and Spokesmen: North and South Attempts at Compromise: Missouri Compromise, Nullification Crisis, and the Compromise of 1850

Fri, 19th

Slavery Concerns and Problems

Mon, 22nd

Reading/Discussion Day: "The Peculiar Institution", Grayson's "The Hireling and the Slave," and Garrison's "The Liberator"

Wed, 24th Events of the 1850s
Fri, 26th

The Civil War and the Settlement of Sectionalism --Hand out Writing Project #2, Set Conference Times

Mon, 29th Seminar Day #4
Wed, 1st Jeopardy! (Review)
Fri, 3rd Final: Timeline, ID, Quotes (Units 3 and 4)
Mon, 6th CONFERENCES (Final, Writing Project #2, Journal Progress)
Wed, 8th CONFERENCES (Final, Writing Project #2, Journal Progress)
Fri, 10th CONFERENCES (Final, Writing Project #2, Journal Progress) FINALS WEEK Writing Project #2, Journal Due