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American Civilization History Mr. Schulkin
Daily Assignments Third Quarter

 Jan. 12          Jan. 19     Jan. 26      Feb. 2      Feb. 9      Feb. 16    Feb. 23     March 2    March 9
 March 30     April 6      April 13     April 20    April 27    May 4      May 11     May 18

Week of January 12
Jan. 12:   Introduction to Semester II.  Potential Research Paper Sites-> ->

Jan. 13:  People, pp 325-334t.  Guides to Searching the Web -> ->
Jan. 14:  People, pp 334t-341.   Catalogs of Local Libraries ->->
Jan. 15:  People, pp 343-354t.  (Slides of Tenements).  See also->->
Jan. 16:   People, pp 354t-362.  Lecture: Rise of Big Business.  See also->->
Week of January 19
Jan. 19:   Holiday. (B Week)
Jan. 20:   Problem statement with bibliography due.
                Lecture: Rise of Big Business.
Jan. 21:   People, pp 363-372m. Lecture: Immigration
Jan. 22:   People, pp 372m-373b; 377m-382. Video: Immigrant Experience.
Jan. 23:   Plain Folk, pp 3-13. Discussion of autobiography.

Week of January 26
Jan. 26:   Plain Folk, pp 22-34.    Mini-lecture: Working Class Life.
Jan. 27:   Plain Folk, pp 37-48.   Lecture: "The Breadgivers."
Jan. 28:   Plain Folk, pp 49-57; 124-131.
Jan. 29:   Plain Folk, pp 97-114.
Jan. 30:   Plain Folk, pp 132-147.

Week of February 2

Feb. 2:   Plain Folk, pp 164-175.  Joint discussion.
              Introductory paragraph due.
Feb. 3:   Review and in-class essay on Plain Folk. (Double Period)
Feb. 4:   Introduction to WBA. Meet in Computer Lab.
Feb. 5:  Work on WBA essay in computer lab.
Feb. 6:  Work on WBA essay in computer lab.

Week of February 9
Feb. 9:  WBA Essay due in class.   (B Week)
Feb. 10:  Born for Liberty, pp 125t-143.
Feb. 11:  People, pp 384-392.
Feb. 12:  People, pp 393-400.
Feb. 13:  In-service day.  No classes.  Read "Up From Slavery?," pp 6t-12.

Week of February 16
Feb. 16:   Holiday.   "Up From Slavery?," pp 1-6t.
Feb. 17:   First draft of term paper due.
                Summary and Review of "Up From Slavery?".
Feb. 18:   People, pp 401-408b.
Feb. 19:  People, pp 413t-418.
Feb. 20:  Born for Liberty, pp 145-160m.

Week of February 23
Feb. 23:  Review for mid-term examination.
Feb. 24:  Mid-term examination.
Feb. 25:  People, pp 419-420b; 425vb-436.
Feb. 26:  People, pp 438-447m.
Feb. 27:  People, pp 447m-456.
Week of March 2
March 2:  Video: Moving North to Chicago. (B Week)
March 3:  Final draft of term paper due.
March 4:  Born for Liberty, pp 160m-173.
March 5:   Born for Liberty, pp 175-186.
March 6:  Born for Liberty, pp 186-196 and People, pp 465t-468t.

Week of March 9
March 9:     People, pp 458-465t.
March 10:   People, pp 468t-475.
March 11:   Rise of the Ghetto, pp 1-6.
March 12:   Lecture: The Harlem Renaissance.
March 13:  People, pp 476-483t.

Fourth Quarter Assignments

Week of March 30
March 30:   People, pp 483t-490t.
March 31:   People, pp 490t-492; 496vb-498.  (Introduction to OHP)
April 1:       Born for Liberty, pp 197-210b.
April 2:       Born for Liberty, pp 210b-218 and People, pp 493-496.
April 3:       People, pp 499-508t.

Week of April 6
April 6:   People, pp 508t-515.
April 7:   People, pp 517-524t; 530-534.
April 8:   Video: The Homefront  (Double Period).  People, pp 524t-530t.
April 9:   Born for Liberty, pp 219-234t.
April 10:  People, pp 536-546m.

Week of April 13

April 13:   Discussion of People, pp 536-546m.  (B Week)
                 (Journal entry on video due).
April 14:  People, pp 546m-552.
April 15:  People, pp 554-562m.
                Lecture: Changing Roles of Women.
April 16:  People, pp 562m-570b.
April 17:  People, pp 570b-577.   (Summary and Review).

Week of April 20
April 20:    Review for mid-term examination.
April 21:    Mid-term examination.
April 22:    Born for Liberty, pp 234t-241.
April 23:    Born for Liberty, pp 243-262.
April 24:    Born for Liberty, pp 263-273b.

Week of April 27
April 27:  Born for Liberty, pp 273b-285.
April 28:  Born for Liberty, pp 287-301m; 304t-307b.
                 Lecture: Women, Work and Family.
April 29:  Born for Liberty, pp 301m-304t; 307b-314.
                Hand out simulation characters.
April 30:  People, pp 594-603t.  Lecture: The Vietnam War.
May 1:    People, pp 603t-611b.

Week of May 4
May 4:    People, pp 611b-618.  (Summary and Review).
May 5:    People, pp 620-629t.
May 6:    People, pp 629t-636m.
May 7:    Video: The Sixties.
May 8:    Video: The Sixties.

Week of May 11
May 11:  The Music of the Sixties.  Paper on Sim4 due.
May 12:  Video: Malcolm X.
May 13:   Work on Oral History Project.
May 14:   Work on Oral History Project.
May 15:   Lecture: Changing Patterns of Immigration

Week of May 18
May 18:  Oral History Presentations.
May 19:  Oral History Presentations.
May 20:   Review for final examination.
May 21:   Review for final examination.
May 22:  Review for final examination.